Monday , November 19, 2012

Welcome To The New-Look is back and better than ever.

After going off the grid a bit this past year, Pat Perez decided it was time to either take this site to another level, or to scrap it all together. All in, or all out.

The original site earned rave reviewsupon it’s launch in early 2006 and for a few years, served its purpose and was top-notch.

Since then, the online world changed. Social media has gone new levels and athletes can now share their every thought with you – in 140 characters, or less. S

Smartphones make it ridiculously easy to shoot video and share media and as a result, we’ve created a site that will be less on the verbiage and more on the visual.

Anyone who witnessed Double P bringing home the title at the 2009 Bob Hope Classic saw a Tour veteran seeking that long-time win – and as a result, a tremendous outpouring from friends and family who rushed the green to celebrate his achievement.

Old school amigos, other Tour vets, pro athletes and others in the Perez ‘circle of trust’ were there to embrace a guy the media has oft painted as a hothead.

This new site will show the site of PP that ‘his people’ have known for decades. The humor. The inside jokes. The love for music, classic movies and a steady diet of Filiberto’s.

All in or all out. chose the former, so let’s get busy and let’s have some fun.


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