Thursday , December 27, 2012

V’s Gets Me On The Scene And Looking Clean

Wanted to give a shout-out to my man Ariel Avezov over at V’s Barbershop in Scottsdale.  Told him last time he took care of me that I was going to show him some love on the site. 

Head down to his spot off E. Greenway Parkway, tell ‘em Double P sent you and get the works. Not that he’ll do anything for you, but at least he’ll know that I spread the word.

Also make sure not to shave for a few days, too. Hot Lather Shave. Facial and Face Massage. Haircut. The works, man. A whole new ballgame. Whatever the hell that means.

He’s also right next door to Ra, so pop over for a Sapporo, some sake and a roll when you’re done.

Oh yeah, the “on the scene and looking clean” reference is from one of the best movies you’ve never seen, “Sol Goode”. Check the trailer and download or rent it. Underrated gem. You’ll thank me. – PP

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