Friday , February 22, 2013

PP’s Non-Celebrity Celebrity Tourney

For years I’ve joked with buddies about a Non-Celebrity Celebrity Tournament. Forget the A-listers. Give me the bit part players, heroes in the background or people who stole a random line here or there, like this guy from ‘Weird Science’.

He was in the an early scene in ‘The Kandy Bar’ when Gary and Wyatt were smashed, and showed up later as the bartender for the house party. When bullies Max and Ian tried to act like ballers when ordering a whole bottle of scotch, he told them to bend over and he’d shove it straight up their ass. They both then agreed that on the rocks was fine.

Guys like this will be the backbone of the Pat Perez Non-Celebrity Celebrity Tournament. More sort-of superstars to come …

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