Tuesday , August 20, 2013

Perez Unsure Who Gets His P.O.T.Y. Vote

The Playoffs are underway in New Jersey with The Barclays opening the series and as the action heats up on the course, the off-course chatter surrounds Player Of The Year honors, where Pat Perez was asked his opinion on the range days back by New York Post columnist Mark Cannizzaro.

“It’s tough,” said Perez. “Tiger has won five times, but where it gets skewed a little bit is that Tiger just cares about majors. Majors are the bar he set for himself. Majors are also what usually determines who is Player of the Year.

“This one is a little different, though, because you’ve got Adam Scott, who’s played awesome for awhile now. You’ve got Phil, who everyone wanted to see win the British and who played arguably the best round of year by far. Phil has two wins with a major and Tiger has five with the Players Championship, which consider definitely a major because it has the best field in the game and Tiger beat everyone.

“Then you look at the PGA, where ‘Duf’ beat the best players in the world, and he beat them all handily in my opinion,” Perez went on. “I’m going to get the [voting] sheet here in a couple months, but I don’t know who I’d put as Player of the Year right now.’’

Perez said he does not buy into is the argument that Woods’ wins should be discounted because they were at courses on which he has had perennial success.

“Who cares?” Perez said. “He’s still winning tournaments. Winning is winning. I don’t give a damn about how much a guy likes a course. He’s still got to play 72 holes and win. I’ve played all those courses just as many times as [Woods] has and I don’t have eight wins at any of them.”

For the rest of the article in the Post, click here.

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