Monday , June 22, 2015

Pat Perez Talks U.S. Open On Mighty 1090

Pat Perez didn’t participate in last week’s U.S. Open but made waves Sunday evening sticking up for his fellow PGA Tour professionals.

A handful of media members loosely began throwing around the term “choke” in regards to Dustin Johnson missing a three-foot birdie putt to set up a Monday playoff between he and Jordan Spieth.

Instead, Speith took home the title at Chambers Bay, with that first major still alluding Johnson. 

ESPN talking head and blowhard Skip Bayless was quick to chime in; taking as swipe at Johnson via Twitter: “Hated to see Dustin Johnson miss the little come-backer to force US Open playoff. But wasn’t surprised. Has struggled before under big heat.”

The comment drew ire from Perez, who was quick to remind Bayless that it’s night and day actually lining up for that 72nd hole on a Sunday at a major, opposed to critiquing it after the fact. 

“Real easy from behind the desk isn’t it? Your such a toolbag. Do some more HGH while your on the couch watching,” wrote Perez—soon to correct his typo (re: Sorry. “You’re”) and following up with an explanation to his 61,000+ followers and whoever else caught the quip by way of a retweet.

“Sorry folks. Just couldn’t hold it in. Yes bad 3 putt, but anyone in the world would have killed to be in that position. Especially me.”

Come Monday, Jim Rome chimed in on the action: “The moment obviously wasn’t too big for Jordan Speith. Again. But it was for Dustin Johnson.” Perez responded: “Would have love to hear your input if Dustin had made that eagle. Just like Skip. Easy from the studio.”

Perez’s always authentic reaction drew praise from other Tour players, professional athletes, Chive Nation and other passionate fans. A few examples:

“love it PP. Beat it Skip” — Graham DeLaet (@GrahamDeLaet

“@PatPerezGolf You’re a stand up guy for defending Dustin Johnson! That’s why Chivenation loves you! KCCO Pat!” — John Berg (@jahlberg74)

“@PatPerezGolf the funny thing is these guys that are so called “experts” could only make the Varsity Debate team in high school. Tired” —  Cody Ross (@IAmCodyRoss)

“@PatPerezGolf shoots up my rankings with that tweet.” —  KaNe (@KizzyK20)

“@PatPerezGolf legend” — Cameron Tringale (@CamTringalePGA

Chris Ello and Ben Higgins—filling in Monday for Darren Smith on San Diego’s Mighty 1090—invited Perez on and in the YouTube clip above, Perez went into further detail regarding the U.S. Open, Johnson’s finish, Speith’s future and whether Tiger Woods will or won’t be back to top form.  

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