Thursday , June 5, 2014 Throwback Thursday

Going back to the mid-2000′s with this “Throwback Thursday” shot at This shot of Pat Perez and the late Paul Gleason was snapped at a John Daly charity event in Southern California.

Perez and the Gleason met through the charity golf circuit and became buds due to PP’s love for 80′s classics like “Trading Places”, “The Breakfast Club”, “Johnny Be Good” and “Die Hard”, all in which Gleason starred.

Perez would always refer to Gleason as “The Beeker”—courtesy of his Clarence Beeks role in “Trading Places”. Gleason passed away eight years ago on May 27th and while this would’ve been a more timely #TBT image for last week, we didn’t rediscover it until today. 

A great shot of PP and his bud … complete with an unintentional Tommy Lasorda photobomb over Paul’s shoulder. R.I.P. Beeker. 

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