Saturday , September 13, 2014

Perez Focused On Off-Season Core Training

PGA Tour player Pat Perez is out of the FedExCup Playoffs, but is still putting in work and gearing up for the upcoming fall season. Perez will be back in action early October for the Open in Northern California and is spending the down time in the gym. 

Perez is training in Scottsdale with Garrett Holland, whose goal is to have the 13-year Tour pro strengthen the core. Holland explains: 

My focus is to have Pat strengthen his core. This ranges from the shoulders to the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor are those muscles around the hips, pelvis and lower back/spine area.

Getting intrinsic muscles to fire on their own so they’re not dependent on the recruitment of other larger muscle groups to perform in action, causing them to shut off—that’s what we’re working towards. 

Example of some of the exercises we’ve been working on are, Glute Bridge w/Medicine Ball Squeeze, Hip Crossover w/Medicine Ball Squeeze, TRX Row w/Scapula Retraction and Stability-Single Leg Stance w/Side Shoulder Raises. 

We’re also working on overall strength and endurance, incorporating Olympic and cardio-based resistance training. 

Some of the coaching cues I give Pat when training: 

(1) Draw-In Maneuver — Belly-button to spine and posterior pelvic tilt. 
(2) Posterior View — Scapula in towards spine and down towards hips. 
(3) Fire The Glutes — Activate by squeezing. 

These are a few examples we work on to get the muscles firing synergistically so that Pat isn’t using strength of larger muscles to overcome the slack or lack thereof those stability muscles.

These exercises are important for strength and flexibility. If not done correctly, the athlete will never reach their optimum level of performance. 

Holland trains out of Lifetime Fitness in Scottsdale and is available for standard personal training, as well as golf-related core training. Find him on Twitter and Instagram

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