Tuesday , July 7, 2015

Pat Perez: “Please Find Danny Lee A Girlfriend”

It’s not a bromance and it’s not a rivalry. At best, it’s an Odd Couple-type dynamic that needs a reality show on the Golf Channel sooner than later.

Until then, we’ll call it a random act of kindness (#RAKit) as PGA Tour veteran Pat Perez is on a mission to help find a girlfriend for fellow Tour pro and recent Greenbrier Classic winner Danny Lee.

Nothing short of a surprising move by Perez, who was last seen pranking Lee months back at the Phoenix Open; making his houseguest a dog bed, blowing his hearing with an airhorn and delivering a dogpile with fellow pro Jason Kokrak that had Lee running for the nearest Holiday Inn

Why Perez’s change of heart? Look no further than last week’s 21-word quote when Lee professed his love for accommodations at The Old White TPC, while professing his loneliness at the same time. 

“I love it here. My one wish is that I had a girlfriend. It wouldn’t be so lonely in my room,” admitted Lee in the saddest manner ever. 

Who knew how on point the Beatles were laying down those harmonies on “Can’t Buy Me Love”—though a safe bet John, Paul, George and Ringo never had such issues. Shedding a single tear here for this year’s Greenbrier champion—$1.2M richer after Sunday’s playoff victory. 

Perez—the BASE-jumping, crocodile-wrestling, shark-diving, volcano-luging, bear-fighting, snake-wrangling, motocross-racing matchmaker—has taken it upon himself to help Lee find love, or at least companionship.

Anything is better than seeing a fellow PGA Tour winner investing 13 of his daily waking hours on his laptop playing “Batman: Arkham Knight” before sacking out in a single and ordering room-service-for-one. 

Any ladies out there up for the challenge? Perez recently launched the email address FindDannyAGirl@gmail.com, as well as the #FindDannyAGirl hashtag—asking any ladies up for the challenge to please chime in … and soon. 

“We’re talking about the South Korean pride of New Zealand here,” said Perez. “A PGA Tour champion two weeks shy of his 25th birthday? Don’t make him spend that night alone in Dallas. A little dinner. A few drinks. Some nightlife. Come on. If not, I have to take him out again and we’ve already met our quota for the month.” 

Perez was last spotted with Lee on Tuesday night at Duck City Bistro in Davenport, Iowa as both Tour pros are in town for the John Deere Classic and had a night out with the Callaway Golf crew, celebrating Lee’s recent victory.

Images were posted on Perez’s social media feeds as the night rolled on—a shot of Lee with a fresh new pipe, eventually getting the “Thug Life Maker” app treatment as things got spirited. 

Where this winds up, time will tell—but Perez seems intent on helping his pal find love, while Lee is certainly looking for it in all the wrong places.

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