Tuesday , October 28, 2014

Perez : Off-Season Training, In-Season Gains

PGA Tour professional Pat Perez is back in action this week—making the long journey from Scottsdale to Los Angeles to Hong Kong and eventually Malaysia, where he set up shop days back, gearing up to compete in this week’s CIMB Classic at Kuala Lampur Golf and Country Club.

Too many missed cuts down the stretch last season forced an autumn refocus for the fourteen-year veteran. Perez spent the past month getting comfortable with a more classic swing, while re-dedicating himself to becoming more core-strong, courtesy of trainer Garrett Holland back home in Scottsdale. 

Holland’s efforts with Perez are focused on regeneration, as well as overall core strength and better flexibility. With Perez on the road back-to-back weeks, trekking to Napa and Las Vegas, Holland acknowledged that there were some imbalances that needed to be worked out early in the week, but were quickly cleaned up due to Perez’s tenacity and adaptability. 

The recent workouts with Perez prior to the Malaysia journey focused mostly on kettle bells and band work. Holland emailed over some photos and notes regarding pre-CIMB Classic training sessions with Perez, complete with breakdowns of the exercises:

“In Photo #1 we start out with some Kettle Bell deep squats, with neutral activation—getting deep in squat stance with torso rotation and then adding the bells for resistance.

For this exercise we also use the Power Plate for neurological stimulation, which helps reshape any muscle pattern that is out of balance. As the picture shows, keeping the scapula back and down helps Pat to strengthen his core throughout his swing range of motion.

Photo #2 is just some basic mini-band work, where the goal is getting the glutes and core to turn on and fire correctly. 

The third image brings the Power Plate back into play, while I have Pat do some Kettle Bell hip rotation. We incorporate the Power Plate for more neurological stimulation, which helps reshape any imbalance in hip and core muscle patterns, all while enhancing stabilization.”  

Some other exercises Holland puts Perez through during their rigorous 90-minute training sessions, with routines displayed in the images above: 

Stability Ball Alternating Chest Press: “We do these for overall strength while engaging the core by keeping the hips up; a draw-in maneuver.”

Squats: “An integral part of the workout and done for overall power and repetition. No need to go super-heavy, either. Goal here is to keep the heels elevated, which allows the athlete to push through the glutes.”  

Plank w/Leg Lift: “This exercise challenges the athlete’s core, creating shoulder stability and again, focusing on firing the glutes.” 

Lunges: “Common exercise for overall leg strength.” 

TRX Hammer Curls w/Kettle Bell Press: “Great exercise that focuses on keeping the core right and engaged while performing a hamstring pull.” 

Medicine Ball Chest Press: “A great, old-school exercise that is great for the core. Improves strength and helps with overall explosiveness.” 

Both player and trainer will continue their efforts this off-season when Perez is in town, with the long-term goal of being in proper Tour-shape by mid-January for Waialae.

A west coast native, Perez is one of a handful of pros who will go Honolulu, La Quinta, Scottsdale, San Diego, Pebble Beach and Pacific Palisades without a breather. The six-week stretch seems like it could potentially put some wear-and-tear on the 38-year old, but as recently as last season only impacted his game in a positive way. 

Perez wound up playing his best golf of the season early last year, going T8th (Sony), T58th (Humana), T2nd (Farmers), 11th (Waste Management) and T7th (AT&T) over a five-week span—and will aim for the a similar start come January. 

Until then, the focus remains on Malaysia, Mayakoba and then Scottsdale, where Perez and Holland can be found weekdays, putting in work between now and the new year—getting core-strong and road-ready. 

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