Tuesday , December 4, 2012

Patrick Gibbons Hand Made

Pat Perez and Patrick Gibbons crossed paths late 2013 and the chance meeting led to a wonderful partnership. Perez soon joined forced with Patrick Gibbons Hand Made and is becoming the face of the brand on the PGA Tour.

Some info on Patrick Gibbons Hand Made, from their official website:

“Started in 2007, the first Patrick Gibbons Handmade putter grips were made in the garage of his Scottsdale Arizona home, due to an uncontrollable putter addiction.

Since then, we’ve moved out of the garage and our line of products has grown to include exotic head covers, score card holders, golf bags, shoes, belts, and of course, exotic grips. Currently, our products can be found in local retail stores and country clubs, as well as on the PGA, LPGA, Web.com, NGA, and Gateway Tours.

The goal at Patrick Gibbons Handmade is to produce unique and stylish handmade golf equipment by true craftsmen while using the best materials nature has to offer. The staff at Patrick Gibbons Handmade that produce these unique exotic leather golf equipment is quite diverse, ranging from leather makers from the boot and shoe industries, to bag makers from the golf industry.

We do not claim that our products will drastically lower your scores or fix your swing, however we do believe that you will look and feel better while playing, and that actually may help your confidence and your game.”

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