Wednesday , February 19, 2014

DDW Partners Explains Perez’s Customized GT-R

A ton of questions here at PPG this week since Pat Perez posted some shots of his customized Nissan GT-R days back. We reached out to Ryan Woon of DDW Motorsports in Scottsdale, who’s worked on Perez’ rides over the years and he explained the latest tweaks.

“The wrap is a first of its kind. It’s called Herringbone and it’s laid out totally directional so both halves of the car are split. When you look down the center you can see one side is all one way and the other is the same,” Woon explained.

“It’s super slick, no one else has done it and it looks badass. It’s all done in 3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl and I had everything done right—all panels pulled off the car, headlights, etc. It was completely taken apart. I also added a Dry Carbon Trunk and Dry Carbon Wing, as well.”

Woon and Perez aren’t done yet. Next up, some all matte black, 21-inch ADV1 rims, with some 355s on the back.

Check out Woon and DDW’s forty-picture gallery of Perez’s GT-R, posted to Facebook earlier this week. The gallery goes on to explain, in Woon’s words, for the gearheads out there:

“Our project GT-R first started as a stock white 2012 Black Edition. It was built by DDW Partners and it now makes 778whp with the stock motor. The Virtual Works Turbo Kit with Billet 58mm turbos is good to over 1150whp with a built motor for down the road. It also has a fully built transmission and 8 plate clutch.

We just got finished wrapping the entire car in 3M Carbon Fiber Vinyl along with a Dry Carbon Trunk and Dry Carbon Wing as well. This is one of the only cars out there with this custom herringbone lay out. Photos do the car absolutely no justice and it looks amazing in person. It is very hard to photograph, especially in the sun. The entire car is directional on both sides of the car.

We have some ADV1 deep concave wheels being custom made for the car now and they will be here in about a month and the look will again be completely transformed.”

Woon has worked on countless cars for professional athletes and other individuals in the Scottsdale area.

Interested in a custom wrap job? Check Ryan and DDW out on Facebook, and Instagram or email him.

Check back for more on Perez’s project GT-R in the coming weeks.  - PPG

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