Tuesday , March 25, 2014

Pat Perez 3M Carbon Fiber Wrapped Nissan GT-R

Ryan Woon of DDW Partners in Scottsdale, Arizona is back at work on the Pat Perez Nissan GT-R project car. The latest tweak—a custom 3M carbon fiber wrap and new tires—the second stage after some under-the-hood work weeks back.

“The latest round of custom modifications have once again completely transformed the look of the GTR. The first stage was making power with the custom twin turbo kit, fuel system, tuning, etc. Months down the road we did a built tranny and clutch,” said Woon.

“Last week we wrapped the entire car in 3M Carbon and added a dry carbon trunk and wing to match. We also lowered the car and put on a set of our spec 21-inch ADV1 DC10′s in all black with Pirelli P Zero’s which are 355′s in the back.”

If it sounds like Woon and Perez are done with the upgrades, think again.

“The car is nearly complete and the next stage will be making even more power. The turbo setup on the car is good for 1100-1200hp with a built motor. It looks absolutely insane with the new wheels and being lowered. Combined with the power and sound the car is going to turn heads everywhere now,” promised Woon.

Perez is in action at this week’s Valero Texas Open in San Antonio, where the long-time Tour pro needs a win to earn an invites to next week’s Masters.

Without that, Perez is planted in Scottsdale for two weeks, where PatPerezGolf.com will have cameras rolling, getting the project GT-R in action. Stay tuned.

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