Wednesday , January 9, 2013

Double P’s Number 3 Best-Worst Song Ever

The iPod was on shuffle the other day and some gems started pumping through the speakers, as well as some of the most horribly-awesome songs going, so I decided to do a top five list of The Best-Worst Songs Ever. Or at least the best-worst songs on my iPod.

Tried to get away from it, but I have to stay with the eighties movie theme here. The Number Three Best-Worst Song ever – “Win In The End” by Mark Safan from the horrible Teen Wolf Soundtrack.

If you’re in the mood to hit the hardwood, sans the wolf hair, while leading a massive comeback against a jerk eighties villian / nemesis with Francis from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure as your teammate, this is your anthem.

Tomorrow, the kickoff of my PGA Tour season, as well as the second best-worst song ever. Reason enough to come back. – PP

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