Monday , January 7, 2013

Double P’s No. 5 Best-Worst Song Ever

The iPod was on shuffle the other day and some gems started pumping through the speakers, as well as some of the most horribly-awesome songs going, so I decided to do a top five list of The Best-Worst Songs Ever. Or at least the best-worst songs on my iPod.

Coming in at Number Five, “No Easy Way Out” by Robert Tepper. It was on the Rocky IV soundtrack and it’s not only a great gym song, but great for frolicking on the beach with your best friend in a tank top and coochie-cutters, punching hanging meat or night-driving in your Lamborghini Jalpa while said best friend’s death weighs heavily on you.

Check back tomorrow for Number Four, as well as some pics from Hawai’i. Heading to the course in a bit to get a lay of the land. – PP

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