Christmas Comes Late For San Diego Chargers

Still don’t know why it didn’t happen after last season, but like just about every Chargers fan out there, I’ll take it. Head coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith are headed out of San Diego … finally.

Owner Dean Spanos said early today that his only goal is the Super Bowl. Hopefully he hires a head coach and GM who are on the same page. Enough is enough. Too much talent within this franchise this past decade, with nothing to show for it.

Let’s get it together, already. I miss spending my fall Sundays at The Q with my crew.

Can’t help but think of Mitch and Murray’s guy Blake and the greatest motivational speech ever. – PP


The “Psych-Out” Is Very Underrated On Tour

One of these weeks on the road I need to go all Doug Remer on someone. Give H the camera and strike the pose when they’re mid-putt on a Sunday. Steeeevveee Peeerrry. Steve Perry. And you should been goooooonne. – PP

Pat Perez And Mark Winkley Talk 2013 Season

Check out this video my coach Mark Winkley recently loaded on his YouTube page where we sat down after practice in mid-December and discussed our off-season workout and agenda going into the 2013 PGA Tour season. – PP 

V’s Gets Me On The Scene And Looking Clean

Wanted to give a shout-out to my man Ariel Avezov over at V’s Barbershop in Scottsdale.  Told him last time he took care of me that I was going to show him some love on the site. 

Head down to his spot off E. Greenway Parkway, tell ‘em Double P sent you and get the works. Not that he’ll do anything for you, but at least he’ll know that I spread the word.

Also make sure not to shave for a few days, too. Hot Lather Shave. Facial and Face Massage. Haircut. The works, man. A whole new ballgame. Whatever the hell that means.

He’s also right next door to Ra, so pop over for a Sapporo, some sake and a roll when you’re done.

Oh yeah, the “on the scene and looking clean” reference is from one of the best movies you’ve never seen, “Sol Goode”. Check the trailer and download or rent it. Underrated gem. You’ll thank me. – PP

So Ready For The Chargers Not To Suck

Dear Santa, please bring a new team, coaches and a real GM to the San Diego football franchise. Tired of this organization resembling a dumpster fire. Thanks Pal. – PP

Right Toyota

“I’ve been friends with Jay Francis over at RightToyota for over a decade and have gotten to know his father-in-law Dave Wilson over the years as well. Right has always taken care of me, Jay has become a solid bud and it’s now a family thing as my brother Mike is part of their sales team. Quality dealership, solid crew and good friends.”

Springsteen Live At Jobing Arena In Phoenix

Made the trek down to Phoenix tonight to see Bruce Springsteen. My bud Brian Savage rallied the troops, scored a box, gassed up the bus and it was game-on.

Long-time fan of ‘The Boss’ but had never seen him live. Incredible show, insane energy and the set list went on for days. It was the final night of the US leg of the tour, so he busted out some gems, even taking requests from the crowd that fans had written on signs.

Killer tribute to Clarence Clemons when he did “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” to end the show. If you get a chance to see Springsteen when he comes back through, don’t miss it. One of the best rock-n-roll shows you’re going to see. Ever. – PP


Pat Perez has been involved with the Discovery Land Company for years, having befriended owner Mike Meldman and having since forged strong relationships with many Discovery members and their families.

“I met Mike (Meldman) years ago. We hit it off and he’s been gracious to me ever since, treating me like family and always welcoming me to all Discovery properties and events,” said Perez.

“I’m truly grateful for all the relationships and friendships that were born out of getting to know Mike.”

Perez spends time at The Madison Club when in La Quinta for the Humana Challenge, as well as Coeur d’Alene’s Gozzer Ranch in summer. In the off-seasons, it’s the occasional trek to Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas and the annual member-guest at El Dorado in Cabo San Lucas.

Perez is also a member at Estancia in Scottsdale, which is owned by Discovery Land Company.

A little about Discovery Land Company per their official website:

“Discovery Land Company, LLC (“Discovery” or the “Company”) is a privately-held, full service real estate development company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in luxury residential private club communities and resorts in the U.S. and other popular North American locations.

Discovery’s projects are all distinct from one another with their own themes and architectural styles inspired by the natural environment and traditions of the project’s locale.

The private clubs have world-class resort amenities, high levels of service, and club programs that work in sync to create an appealing lifestyle and a culture that is focused on family.

The Company was founded in 1994 by Michael S. Meldman with just one project. Since that time, Discovery has grown to be the premier player in the high-end resort residential niche with 16 world-class projects in its portfolio.”

Patrick Gibbons Hand Made

Pat Perez and Patrick Gibbons crossed paths late 2013 and the chance meeting led to a wonderful partnership. Perez soon joined forced with Patrick Gibbons Hand Made and is becoming the face of the brand on the PGA Tour.

Some info on Patrick Gibbons Hand Made, from their official website:

“Started in 2007, the first Patrick Gibbons Handmade putter grips were made in the garage of his Scottsdale Arizona home, due to an uncontrollable putter addiction.

Since then, we’ve moved out of the garage and our line of products has grown to include exotic head covers, score card holders, golf bags, shoes, belts, and of course, exotic grips. Currently, our products can be found in local retail stores and country clubs, as well as on the PGA, LPGA,, NGA, and Gateway Tours.

The goal at Patrick Gibbons Handmade is to produce unique and stylish handmade golf equipment by true craftsmen while using the best materials nature has to offer. The staff at Patrick Gibbons Handmade that produce these unique exotic leather golf equipment is quite diverse, ranging from leather makers from the boot and shoe industries, to bag makers from the golf industry.

We do not claim that our products will drastically lower your scores or fix your swing, however we do believe that you will look and feel better while playing, and that actually may help your confidence and your game.”

Practicing At Estancia With Coach Winkley

A shot from a standard December day during the off-season. Start the morning with a proper workout at Lifetime and then head over to Estancia to train with my coach Mark Winkley for a few hours every day. Great club and love how wide open it is this time of year.

Free reign of the place and love putting the work now so that it will all pay off starting in January. Ready to get to Hawai’i and for the season to start tomorrow.  - PP